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Boone's Five And Dime

"Legacy" is my first new album in 4 years. I was delayed, like so many other things in our lives, by Covid. But I am so proud of it because as a cover artist it is my responsibility to pick great songs and make them my own, not copies of the orginals. And that's what I have done. My profound gratitude goes to my special music buddy Grant Maloy Smith, who produced the album, and to David Williams for producing and engineering the vocal tracks. And lastly, to my wonderful friends and music colleagues who I invite to listen to and consider it. The videos for each song are right here for easy access.

With much love, Jeff

Private Conversation

We Are The Lonely


Have Mercy

Jeff Hyman "Legacy"

Best Americana Album


The Red-Haired Girl

     From Hazard

Right Where I Am

Hello In There

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