I am a hardened country music fan and one of my all time favorite country music artists is Alan Jackson. Remember When is one of his iconic songs that is loved by almost everyone. I love the challenge of taking a great song and trying to make it my own.


This song is written by Mary K Burke and is an inspiration to me.  I love the message, "don't ever give up.  Never quit. Keep going and work to achieve your dreams."


Here is a song fromn my new album "Pick Yourself Up". Written by the legendary John Prine.  I wanted to redord itfor years while I was living on the east coast but didn't get around to it until I moved west. 


This is a great song written by John Denver. I offer it in anticipation of the April 18th release of my brand new CD "Old Dogs New Tricks". First song that I totally produced all on my own. All of the vocals and instruments. Having fun with my new in-home recording studio.

It was a long and interesting journey for me going from being a Gaslight Singer to an accounting major at Baruch College in NYC. I graduated, eventually married and had two children. I got back into music in 2009, as both a Gaslight Singer and a solo artist.  The path was anything but dull and I was fortunate enough to meet some great musicians along the way and rekindle friendships with others from my past.


Here I have always been a big Merle Haggard fan and this song has been a consistent favorite. A story about a guy who did something really bad and had to pay the ultimate price for it. As he is being led down the hallway to his doom all he wants is to hear a song that his mama sang to him when he was a little boy.


Most of the tracks on my CD Old Dogs New Tricks contain lots of talented musicians and singers. But I also love simplicity. A good song accompanied simply by my acoustic guitar. Here is a really nice one called Blue Spotted Tail.


This is a great Crosby Stills and Nash Song.  One of my favorites. Enjoy.


I met Beth Bradley and Ralph Hohman fairly quickly after my return to music. Beth is an amazing musician and Ralph has the voice of an angel.  Next was Grekim Jennings, another great musician who owns The Acoustic Refuge in Easton CT, where I record. On our very first outing we spontaneously recorded Love Love Love, a John Prine classic. Beth's plays mandolin, harmonica and guitar. My Gaslight Singers buddy, Alan Alcabes, provides the uplifting banjo that can be heard throughout the song, and I add 12 string guitar. Grekim Jennings, backs up the group on standup bass..


I have always been a Merle Haggard fan.  You cannot be a true Merle fan without loving one of his greatest songs.  Mama Tried. So when I eventually decided to try my hand at making a solo recording, I did not want to do another folk song, preferring instead to branch out and do some country.  Mama Tried was a natural choice for me. A bit too much echo but still sounds  pretty good.


WIth my CD "Old Dogs New Tricks" coming out in just 9 days on April 18th, I wanted to offer another great song by John Denver. Follow Me. A true favorite of so many of his fans. My CD is available for pre-order now on Itunes and will be available on Amazon and all of the other outlets on the 18th. Hope you enjoy this video.


I have always been empathetic to people who are lonely and without the love and support of others. Especially older people who just don't want to feel invisible. John Prine wrote a poignant and touching song on this subject called "Hello In There" and I was motivated to record it because it meant so much to me. It is going to be released shortly and here is the video. I hope that you enjoy it.


The saga of Darcy Farrow has always intrigued me. Not only does the song have a great melody, but the story that it tells is so poignant. It has always been one of my favorites, written by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell, and made famous by John Denver.


I was a Bobby Darin fan when I was younger. Gotta love that Bobby. Man could he sing.  And so eclectic with his music.  Everything from classic to pop to rock n roll.  He had a hit in the 1970's with this classic protest song and there is something about it that moved me.  So I recorded it and filmed the video to illustrate what the lyrics meant to me.


In the early days of making videos I was more focused on using images that illustrated the story that the song was telling rather than of myself.  I eventually realized that folks would want to see my performance as well as some interesting images, so I did both in this video.  This is a great song written by David Mallett and, as I always do, I try to bring my own unique interpretation. Beth Bradley worked very closely with me on this one and provided her typically outstanding musical and vocal talents. Grekim played bass and drums. 

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 I chose this song because it speaks to the spiritual side of all of us that wonders what happens when we transition to another world. I hope that you all enjoy it.


It's been over half a century since Bob Dylan wrote his iconic protest song "Blowin In The Wind". The song asked 9 simple questions. Sadly, they remain unanswered to this day..


One of my all time favorite folk songs is a song written by folk legend Tom Paxton.  Covered by so many artists, "The Last Thing On My Mind" is widely regarded as one of his best. I just felt like making some music,  picked up my guitar, and thought that I would make a video to share with my friends. So here it s..