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"Old Dogs, New Tricks"​

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  • Lay Down Sally1:20

  • A Dog On A Day3:43

The album is an eclectic collection of folk songs, country tunes, some rock n roll, and songs written by some of the great contemporary songwriters and performers of the day. Look for songs by Tom Paxton, Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Chris Izaak, Iris Dement, David Mallett, Bill Staines, Rob Carlson and Eric Clapton.  Here are some samples of the songs from the CD. 

  • The Roseville Fair1:41

  • Moonglow Highway1:10

  • Sing Me Back Home1:09
  • 3:11

  • Railroad Bill0:45

  • Comedians And Angels1:01

  • The Road To Ensenada1:16

  • Let The Mystery Be0:59

  • Love Love Love 1:02

  • Don't Leave Me On My Own1:04

  • Somewhere In Time1:00