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Released March 14, 2018, this is my first single. I chose this song because it is one of my favorites and an Alan Jackson song that everybody knows and loves to hear. I always try to bring my own unique interpretations to all of my covers..

Coming Up

Released August 14, 2018, this is my first duet with another indie artist. I am a huge fan of Grant Maloy Smith and was totally honored with his collaboration on this iconic gospel tune.

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One of my all time favorite John Prine songs and quite a stretch for a guy that made his singing bones singing folk songs. This was a blast to arrange and record.  It will be released fairly soon in 2018.

I always try to pick songs that I think people will really love.  Songs that are familiar to them and that they will sing along with. This is a beautiful and classic Rascal Flatts tune that is well known and popular all over the world.

songs from the heart

Here's a song that is unknown to the public.  Written by my friends Beth Bradley and Rob Carlson, it is a beautiful and sweet tune that captures the essence of what love means to us all. This one will be a real treat to those that are hearing it for the first time.